Pipette Checkit

Need a fast, quantitative assessment of a pipette’s accuracy, just pull out a Checkit®. Available for various size pipettes, the Checkit® checks your pipette’s accuracy at the bottom, middle and top of its range. Besides checking a pipette to find out if it needs re-calibration, Checkit® can also be used to test each users pipetting technique.
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Pipette Checkit

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With Checkit® there's no need to take chances with your sample analysis ever again.

Whenever you need a fast, quantitative assessment of a pipette’s accuracy, just pull out a Checkit. Available for various size pipettes, the Checkit checks your pipette’s accuracy at the bottom, middle and top of its range. Wouldn’t it be nice to know whether a pipette needs recalibration, or if lab personnel could use a brush-up on their pipetting technique? With the Checkit, a clear answer is seconds away.

Checkit® gives you peace of mind.

No worrying! Do your experiments with confidence, knowing that your pipettes are delivering accurate volumes.

Instant, easy verification, anywhere

No waiting! Evaluate pipette accuracy on the spot in just seconds – no matter where you are. Why mess with a high-precision balance?

Checkit is fast and easy. And no worries about evaporation or air currents. Your measured drop is encased in a glass tube within seconds, so the values won’t change while you’re trying to read them.

Checkit® does not replace calibration, but more of a way to:

  • Check accuracy in your pipettes before a critical experiment (if you have irreplaceable samples, you do a quick check before you start as an insurance policy).
  • Rule out unexpected results (Check your pipette to be sure there wasn't an inaccurate volume measurement along the way).
  • Determine if you need an out of cycle calibration (ie - your pipette was dropped, borrowed, aspirated liquid into barrel, etc ...).
  • Provide training and assessment (See how well your employees can pipette; new hires, different results from different people, good technique?).
  • Provide confidence in your results (calibrated pipettes can actually be inaccurate - the ISO standards allow for up to 60% error on the low end of a (P2) 2 µL pipette).

Other points of interest:

  • The Checkit® is actually more accurate than a 5 digit balance in low volumes.
  • Use the Checkit® in the same environment as the pipette (most calibrations are done in controlled temperature, vibration and humidity environments).
  • It's a great way to check to see how (low) good your low retention tips really are.


Instant checks anytime

Keep Checkits in the lab for instant confirmation of pipette accuracy. Especially useful if your pipette has been dropped, cleaned, or borrowed. Don’t take a chance when you’re setting up an experiment with precious samples or expensive reagents.

Confirm accuracy

Perform checks regularly to watch for performance drift – get early warning before there’s a problem.

Train students and technicians

Good pipetting technique is an important part of laboratory success. Use the Checkit as a training tool to verify proper technique. The Checkit requires no special training and is easy to use even for novice lab members.


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