NuAire In-VitroCell ES NU-5810 Microbiological CO2 Incubator

The In-VitroCell ES (Energy Saver) NU-5810 Direct Heat Microbiological CO2 Incubator provides a reliable controlled in-vitro environment for optimum tissue cell culture growth. The chamber can also be used to store and preserve gametes and animal tissue cell cultures intended for research at or near body temperature.
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NuAire In-VitroCell ES NU-5810 Microbiological CO2 Incubator


Password Protected

Prevents against unauthorized changes of system settings.

Temperature Controller

Maintains optimum in-vitro environment for cell cultures.

Hi-lo Temperature Alarm

Audible & visual fault warnings help protect critical functions.

The In-VitroCell ES (Energy Saver) NU-5810 Microbiological CO2 Incubator with Dual Sterilization Cycles provides a controlled in-vitro environment in which to grow cell tissue cultures. The sterilization cycle CO2 incubator offers temperature and CO2 gas control, state-of-the-art computer technology, and precise design to deliver the highest performance standards possible. NuAire's In-VitroCell CO2 Incubators are designed with a host of features that provide an optimally controlled environment to produce the most reliable growth chamber possible for cell tissue cultures.

Dual sterilization cycles is an essential method for contamination control. The In-VitroCell ES NU-5810 Direct Heat CO2 Incubator with Dual Sterilization Cycles features a 145°C dry sterilization cycle and 95°C humidified decontamination cycle for added protection against incubator contamination to provide the optimal sterile environment for cell growth. The incubator also has the capability to store and preserve gametes and animal tissue cell cultures at or near body temperature.

Intelligent User-Friendly Interface

NuTouch™ Electronic Control System

NuTouch™ is a user-friendly color touch screen designed to easily control the NuAire In-VitroCell ES NU-5810 Direct Heat CO2 Incubator with Dual Sterilization Cycles. The NuTouch™ control system offers password protection and multiple language options (English, Spanish, French, and German). The control system has ROM for software, RAM for storage and EEPROM for controlling parameters. The NuTouch™ Electronic Control System is a microcomputer designed to maintain precise control of the in-vitro environment for optimal for tissue culture growth. The microcomputer is supported with Read Only Memory (ROM) containing executable software, Random Access Memory (RAM) for temporary storage, and Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) for control set points and parameters. The EEPROM provides for indefinite storage of these values during periods of power off or power interruption (power fault tolerant). The NuTouch™ system makes using the incubator safer and more efficient with temperature and gas controls, maintenance reminders, alarm status menus and more.

Constant Contamination Control

Dual Sterilization Cycles

To avoid any contamination in the growth chamber, the NU-5810 In-VitroCell offers dual sterilization cycles: a 95°C wet cycle and a 145°C dry air sterilization cycle to eradicate contamination. The cycles, which are accessed using the NuTouch™ Electronic Control System, have a time delay option, and they can be utilized as a preventative measure to protect products in the chamber. On screen instructions guide users through each process.

Closed Loop HEPA Filtration

A maintenance free air pump continuously draws environmental samples from two locations inside the chamber and passes the sample through a 99.99% HEPA filter before entering the sensor bay to measure gas. The IR sensor measures CO2 gas levels from the sample to monitor before injecting back into the growth chamber. The NuTouch™ Electronic Control system will then determine the appropriate course of action to maintain chamber set-point conditions by placing the system on standby or injecting 99.99% HEPA filtered CO2 gas or air into the growth environment.

Advanced Construction Including Seamless Coved Corners

The inner chamber is constructed of high grade 16 gauge, type 304L polished stainless steel using crevice-free construction that provides an easily cleanable inert surface that does NOT promote biological growth. Seamless coved corners inside the CO2 incubator are easily cleaned promoting a healthy growth chamber. A single piece gasket creates a liquid tight seal from incubator chamber to inner door to eliminate condensation build up and potential contamination. Inner chamber shelving and gasket may be removed and routinely autoclaved if desired.

ISO Class 5 Cleanroom Conditions

Based on clean room technology, In-VitroCell maintains the growth chamber at positive pressure similar to an ISO Class 5 Clean room to slow airflow to minimize desiccation. Anytime the chamber door is open to the laboratory environment, clean HEPA filtered will be forced out instead of contaminated lab air being drawn in.

Single Beam, Dual Wave Infrared (IR) Sensor

A microprocessor-based, non-dispersive, single source dual wave infrared (IR) sensor monitors and controls CO2 levels inside the growth chamber. Wavelengths are only absorbed by CO2 making measurement insensitive to other components, such as water vapor. The stable IR sensor has a controlled range of 0.1 to 20% accurate within 0.1%.

Growth-Promoting Design

Minimal Vibration Promotes Cell Growth

The NU-5810 was created with only a few moving parts to minimize the vibration in the incubator. The In-VitroCell ES accuratly injects air and gas to provide an optimal cell growth environment.

Temperature Uniformity

The chamber walls are surrounded by five (5) heating elements to control temperature. A door heater is separately controlled to minimize condensation on the inner chamber door. The heating elements are wrapped in a high density R5 insulation to maintain temperature integrity. Dual temperature sensor probes monitor and control temperature set points to ensure consistency and uniformity throughout the chamber.

Incubator Humidity

A relative humidity level of up to 90% is achieved in the Incubator by the use of a stainless steel pan placed on the bottom of the chamber. An air pump injects fresh air into the chamber at a preset duty cycle to reduce condensation forming on the chamber walls and front glass door.

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