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Freezer Rack Storage Systems – Save Space, Time and Frustration!


Freezer RacksHave you ever had trouble locating a sample you need from your labs freezer(s)? Are you running out of space or spending too much of your valuable research time running back and forth from a -80 freezer in a different part of the lab because the one in your area is full? Or maybe you’re having the opposite problem, and other researchers keep taking over all of your freezer space because theirs is too full? Whether you are currently experiencing any of these problems or you are looking for ways to get organized so you won’t have storage problems in the future, you’ll be pleased to learn about all of the freezer rack storage options that are available to meet your needs.

There are a variety of different freezer rack configurations, boxes and labelling options available to help you maximize your labs freezer space by efficiently organizing all of your samples. Freezer racks are available for all styles and types of laboratory freezers from standard upright to under-counter, -80 freezer, cryo freezer or any other ultra-low temperature laboratory freezer. Freezer racks will help you optimize space by eliminating dead space and save you time by organizing your samples so they are easily accessible. In this article you will learn about the different types of freezer racks available to you, so that you can make an informed decision on which product will best suit your sample needs.

Upright Freezer Racks

Regular Upright Freezer RacksUpright Freezer Racks are made of different materials but it’s best to invest in racks that are made of stainless steel for their durability and corrosion resistant properties. These freezer racks are ideal for optimizing the internal freezing conditions for greater efficiency and organizing your laboratory freezers. Each section of a high-quality stainless steel rack is supported individually so there is no need for the plastic dividers found in lower quality racks that can fall out or be lost.

Upright freezer racks come in a variety of sizes but the most common are for standard 2” cardboard, plastic or metal boxes which are available in sizes ranging from 3x3 (9 boxes) to 5x5 (25 boxes), standard 3” boxes which are available in sizes ranging from 3x2 (6 boxes) to 5x4 (20 boxes) and for storage of 96-well and 384-well microtiter plates which typically hold from 56 plates with lids to 140 plates without lids and held in place with locking rods. The specific size you can use is dependent on the outside dimensions of the rack and the inside dimensions of your available freezer space.

Freezer Drawer Racks

Combination freezer drawer racks centrifuge tubes and 2 inch boxesFreezer drawer racks made of stainless steel are best for the same reasons mentioned above but another benefit of stainless steel is that it holds its shape better than the other materials used. Sample retrieval in freezer drawer racks is much easier than other types, as there is no need to remove the entire rack to obtain the sample. Each freezer drawer rack typically contains a handle for easy pull-out and a label holder, allowing you to organize your samples in whichever way you see fit, be it alphabetically, by sample class or by designating certain sections for each researcher.

Freezer drawer racks come in a variety of sizes but the most common are for standard 2” cardboard, plastic or metal boxes which are available in sizes ranging from 2x5 (10 boxes) to 5x5 (25 boxes), standard 3” boxes which are available in sizes ranging from 2x3 (6 boxes) to 4x5 (20 boxes) and 5x3 (15 boxes) and for storage of centrifuge tubes which typically hold 15ml tubes (60 to 200) or 50ml tubes (30 to 100). There are freezer drawer combination racks that hold boxes and centrifuge tubes as well.

Vertical Freezer Racks

Vertical freezer rack for chest and LN2 freezersVertical freezer racks are used for storage in liquid nitrogen (LN2) tanks and chest freezers. They are commonly made of corrosion resistant stainless steel to house 2” boxes. These racks incorporate a locking rod or a spring clip to securely hold the boxes in place when the racks are lowered into or removed from the freezer.

Vertical freezer racks for chest and LN2 freezers typically hold between 3 and 12 - 2" boxes. Although the sizes available to you are usually found using the manufacturer's name and model of your freezer(s), the sizes that can be used are based on the internal dimensions of chest freezer or LN2 tank they’ll be used in.

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