galileo 1325 horizontal gel box

Galileo ExpressCast 1325 Horizontal Gel Box

The Galileo ExpressCast 1325 Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System allows researchers to separate complex analytes and can also handle high sample throughput.
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Galileo ExpressCast 1325 Horizontal Gel Box

The ExpressCastTM 1325 gel box is a medium capacity system for researchers whose electrophoresis requires long run lengths for high resolution.  Galileo's ExpressCastTM gel casting system makes gel pouring fast, easy and tape-less. 

System Description

This unit has a maximum run length of 25cm to provide high resolution of complex analytes. If researchers desire high throughput as opposed to longer run lengths, the 1325 can handle up to 112 samples using its tray's six comb slots. The 1325 also has a built-in bubble level and leveling screws for convenient level adjustment, as well as a wide variety of comb options.

System Features

The Galileo 1325 complete system includes these features:

  • Heavy duty lower buffer chamber
  • Interlock safety lid with attached leads
  • End gated 13cm wide x 25cm long ExpressCast™ UV-transparent gel tray with built-in fluorescent ruler and 6 comb slots.
  • Three combs of your choice

System Accessories

Choose amoung these accessories to customize each system for your specific needs.

  • Additional gel trays.
  • A wide range of comb options.
  • Gel loading guides. These guides fit into the comb slots of the gel tray, and have precision machined slots that provide accurate aligning of your multi-channel pipette during gel loading.

81-1325 Horizontal Electrophoresis System, 13cmW x 25cmL UVT Gel Tray w/ end gates & (3) combs, (1) 12, (1) 16 and (1) 20 tooth, 1.5 mm T
81-1325-BEP Horizontal Electrophoresis System with BEP, 13cmW x 25cmL gel
81-13-C8-1.0 Comb 1.0mm thick/8 tooth
81-13-C8-1.5 Comb 1.5mm thick/8 tooth
81-13-C12-1.0 Comb 1.0mm thick/12 tooth
81-13-C12-1.5 Comb 1.5mm thick/12 tooth
81-13-CMT14-1.0 1X Microtiter Comb 1.0mm thick/14 tooth
81-13-CMT14-1.5 1X Microtiter Comb 1.5mm thick/14 tooth
81-13-C16-1.0 Comb 1.0mm thick/16 tooth
81-13-C16-1.5 Comb 1.5mm thick/16 tooth
81-13-C20-1.0 Comb 1.0mm thick/20 tooth


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