galileo insight semi dry blotting system

Galileo Insight Semi-Dry Blotting System

The Galileo Insight Semi-Dry Blotting System allows for quick and efficient molecular transfer from acrylamide and agarose gels to western blot membranes.
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Galileo Insight Semi-Dry Blotting System

The InsightTM Semi-Dry blotter from Galileo delivers fast and efficient molecular transfer of nucleic acid and protein acrylamide/agarose gels to western blot membranes. The semi-dry blotting method requires much less buffer than traditional tank blotting systems because only the and blotting membrane must remain wet. Complete molecular transfer is ensured by the units solid plate style electrodes (stainless steel cathode and platinum anode).  

The G91-1010-SD and G91-2020-SD 

The 1010 system is ideal for rapid blotting of small pre-cast and self-cast gels, but will accommodate almost all pre-cast gels even in larger format. The larger 2020 system is will be more ideal for larger gels and multiple smaller gels for higher transfer throughtput. Both systems are supplied complete with power leads and a sample pack of Galileo's ultra-pure cotton fiber paper. 

Oh! You're still at the electrophoresis step? Galileo also offers a fantastic line of horizontal and vertical gel boxes. 


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