Syngene U:Genius3

A compact, complete gel documentation (gel doc) system with integral processor and touch screen - a complete imaging system for your 1D needs.
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Syngene U:Genius3


Simply Genius. Designed to make your gel imaging simple, quick and easy. No set up, no external computer just a complete imaging system for all your 1D needs.

A smooth and intuitive touch screen ensures that anyone can use a U:Genius3 with virtually no previous experience of gel imaging.

U:Genius3 from switch-on to perfect image at a touch.

U:Genius3 is the perfect choice for low budget gel documentation and analysis fluorescence applications. It features a compact darkroom which has a sliding front door and an internal LED white light.

U:Genius3 has a 3m pixel camera. A manual zoom lens and manual filter drawer (includes a UV filter) completes the package. U:Genius3 is also available with a motor driven lens (U:Genius3 EZ).

There are two options of transilluminator - both models can slide out of the darkroom to aid cutting and viewing. One option is the slimline 302nm transilluminator for UV applications. This can be used with an optional converter for white light applications. U:Genius3 can also be used with the Ultra-Slim LED blue light transilluminator.

The system comes complete with GeneTools analysis software.

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Why buy this product

  • Compact
    The U:Genius3 has a compact darkroom taking up very little room on the laboratory bench.

  • High specification
    The system features a high resolution camera with 3 million pixels. It has a manually operated zoom lens and a filter drawer system which accepts interchangeable filters for a wide range of applications.

  • Motor driven zoom lens option
    U:Genius3 is now available in a fully automated version with the inclusion of a motor driven zoom lens which replaces the manual type.

  • Built in processor
    An integral computer running embedded Windows controls the system using the larger touch panel display.

  • U:Genius3 software
    The intuitive "button controlled" software is simple to use. Camera and exposure control is via the touch screen. It is also possible to make image enhancements and annotations from the touch screen.

  • Saving
    Images can be saved on memory stick in TIFF, BMP or JPEG format. Network connection is also possible.


Gel imaging - simple, quick and easy

Sensor1/3 inch
Resolution3 million pixels
Image depth12/16 bit
Dynamic range3.6 - 4.8
LensManual zoom 6.5 - 39, F1.4Motor driven F1.4 (U:Genius3 EZ only)
Viewing area20 x 20cm
Slim UV transilluminator 20 x 20cm -various single and dual wavelengths are availableOption
UltraSlim-LED blue light transilluminator 10 x 12cm Option
White Epi overheadYes
UV/visible light NovaGlo converterOption
Image captureYes
GeneTools image analysisYes
Dimensions (h x d x w) cm 62 x 39 x 46.5


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