Nuaire FumeGard 162 Conventional Fume Hood

The FumeGard 162 Conventional Corrosive-Resistant Polypropylene Fume Hood is designed to capture, contain, and exhaust fumes, gases, vapors, mists, aerosols, and particulate matter generated within the hood interior.
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Nuaire FumeGard 162 Conventional Fume Hood


Durable Polypropylene Design
The FumeGard NU-162 is built primarily of stress-relieved polypropylene to which NuAire has added anti-oxidizing agents and UV stabilizers. This increases tensile strength and improves thermal characteristics. NU-162 has a single piece airfoil across the bottom of the work access opening. As the sash is lowered, the face velocity increases rapidly. Fumes, gases, vapors, aerosols, and particulate are drawn through vents by an exterior exhaust duct. Å“Double wall construction forms the plumbing chase for routing and connecting all services. This compartment is under negative pressure to minimize fume build-up.

Setting the Performance Standard
NU-162 FumeGard has been independently tested to meet and exceed the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 110-1995 and is SEFA 1-1992 certified.

Applications for All
NuAire polypropylene products have been used in Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Environmental Toxic Analysis, Analytical Chemistry, Metallurgy, Water Treatment Facilities, Toxicology, Trace Metal Analysis, Marine Science, Waste Management, Soil Science, Semiconductor, and more.

Superstructure Constructed from 1 - ž2 (13 mm) Stress Relieved, All Seam Welded Polypropylene
All Negative Pressure Interior
Cool White Fluorescent Lighting
Electronic Fluorescent Lamp Ballast
Counterbalanced Lexan® View Screen Slides 18 (457 mm) Maximum Opening to Fully Closing
Flush Mounted Exterior/Interior Plumbing Chase Access Panels
Connection Provided for Venting a Base Cabinet
Removable Rear Baffle for Maintenance
Reinforced 1 - ž2 (13 mm) Thick Polypropylene Work Surface
Lower Work Access Opening Airfoil
PVC Electrical Junction Box
Modular Electrical Component Construction

Optional Features
PVDF Lined Interior or Flame Retardant Polypropylene Fume Hood
Composition Stone/Modified Epoxy Resin Work Surfaces
Air Flow Alarm Systems
Remote Controlled Service Valves for Air, Vacuum, and/or N2
Cascade or Single Rinse Tanks with/without Nitrogen Purge
Rear Exhaust Duct Wash-down System
Polypropylene, Teflon® or PVDF Gooseneck Faucets
Custom Polypropylene Sinks with Chemically Resistant Å“P-Trap
Teflon®, PVDF, or Polypropylene Dip Tanks with/without Drains
Polypropylene or PVDF Sinks with Hot/Cold or D.I. Water Faucets
Teflon® Liquid/Air Aspirators to Syphon Chemicals
D.I. Water or N2 Teflon® Spray Guns
Exhaust Interlocks for Building Controls
Polypropylene Exhaust Damper with Quadrant Lock
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter for Duplex Outlet(s)
Additional Duplex Outlet(s) with PVC Covers


Overall Dimensions4 ft. (1.2 m)5 ft. (1.5 m)6 ft. (1.8 m)8 ft. (2.4 m)
Width48 ½" (1232 mm)60 ½" (1537 mm)72 ½ (1842 mm)96 ½ (2451 mm)
Depth31 ½ - 37 ½ (800-952 mm)31 ½ - 37 ½ (800-952 mm)31 ½ - 37 ½ (800-952 mm)31 ½ - 37 ½ (800-952 mm)
Height (includes exhaust collar)60 ½ (1537 mm)60 ½ (1537 mm)60 ½ (1537 mm)60 ½ (1537 mm)
Height (with base)88 ¾ (2254 mm)88 ¾ (2254 mm)88 ¾ (2254 mm)88 ¾ (2254 mm)
Work Area Dimensions    
Width38 ½" (978 mm)50 ½" (1283 mm)62 ½" (1588 mm)86 ½" (2197 mm)
Depth 24" Work Surface25 ½" (648 mm)25 ½" (648 mm)25 ½" (648 mm)25 ½" (648 mm)
Depth 30" Work Surface31 ½" (800 mm)31 ½" (800 mm)31 ½" (800 mm)31 ½" (800 mm)
Height29" (737 mm)29" (737 mm)29" (737 mm)29" (737 mm)
Shipping Weight    
24" Work Surface705 lbs (320 kg)730 lbs (332 kg)825 lbs (375 kg)1265 (575 kg)
30" Work Surface756 lbs (344 kg)839 lbs (381 kg)900 lbs (409 kg)1325 lbs (602 kg)
Airflow Characteristics    
Inflow Velocity105 fpm (0.53 m/s)105 fpm (0.53 m/s)105 fpm (0.53 m/s)105 fpm (0.53 m/s)
Exhaust Volume (window full open)481 cFM (818 cMH)631 cFM (1073 cMH)781 cFM (1328 cMH)1081 cFM (1838 cMH)
Exhaust Static0.3 (8 mm) w.g.0.4 (10 mm) w.g.0.5 (13 mm) w.g.0.8 (20 mm) w.g.
Exhaust Duct Opening12 diameter (305 mm)12 diameter (305 mm)12 diameter (305 mm)12 diameter (305 mm)
Light Intensity foot-candles
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